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Training Centers

  • Structured Courses
    • Operation
    • Programming
    • Maintenance
  • Class room explanations followed by hands-on-training.
  • Over two thousands engineers from the user industry trained so far.

Schedule of Course (From April’19 to September’19)

Program Program Code Date
Lathe Programming and operations Beginner level CNCL – op Fanuc Oi 01st to 03rd Apr
01st to 03rd Jul
05th to 07th Aug
Lathe Programming and operations Programmer level CNCL – ps Fanuc Oi 04th to 6th Apr
03rd to 05th Jun
04th to 06th Jul
08th to 10th Aug
Machining centre Programming and operations for beginners level VMC – op Fanuc Oi 06th to 08th May
15th to 17th Jul
09th to 11th Sep
Machining centre Programming and operations for programmer level VMC – ps Fanuc Oi 09th to 11thMay
17th to 19th Jun
18th to 20th Jul
12th to 14th Sep
CNC Lathe & VMC Programming and Operation(Siemens) CNC-p Siemens 828D 24th to 26th Jun (Lathe)
23rd to 25th Sep (VMC)
Machine miantenance (TC) M/C – t Fanuc Oi 08th to 10th Apr
06th to 08th Jun
12th to 14th Aug
Machine Maintenance (VMC) M/C – m Fanuc Oi 13th to 15th May
20th to 22nd Jun
16th to 18th Sep

CNC Lathe/Machining Center Programming & Machine Operation (CNCL-p / VMC-p)

  • Basics of Machine and Tool selection
  • Machine operation, Basic Programming functions and Exercises
  • Concepts of Offsets,Programming practice and exercises
  • Advanced programming (Canned cycles) and exercises
  • Practical Demonstration and exercises, Closing Session
  • On completion of this course the participants will be familiar with the Programming Principles and Machine operating procedures

CNC Lathe/Machining Center Maintenance (CNCL-m/c m)

  • Machine construction, Specifications and Operating procedures
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems
  • Feed systems, Tool changer and Spindle maintenance
  • General Trouble-shooting procedures and Maintenance of accessories
  • CNC System and Drives Trouble shooting, Electrical systems and understanding electrical Circuit diagrams
  • Alarms and Messages – Interpretation and Trouble shooting, Preventive Maintenance – Overview
This program will familiarize the participants with Machine elements and subsystems. They will also be exposed to trouble shooting methods and preventive maintenance procedures.

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